Friday, November 9, 2012

Tamara, and Also Some Sweet Gear

Tamara, of view from the porch (among other blogs), is facing basil cell carcinoma.  Like most self-employed people, she self-insured, and this is going to make her come up a bit short.  The gun-blogging community, including A Girl and Bayou Renaissance Man are asking people to chip in a bit if they can via the tip jar on her website.

(Image stolen from BRM)

I'm going over now to throw in $5, even though I'm unemployed.  I don't know Tam personally, but, judging from her writing, she does not have the safety net that I am lucky enough to have.

If you have a moment, say a prayer for her and drop by her blog to let her know you did so.

Also, Newbius and Life in 3D are doing raffles for those who donate $5 or more.  Click through the links to see the sweet gear that you could win.

Later update: Up your donation to $5.56 and get a chance to win a viper holster from Dragon Leatherworks in time for Christmas.  Which is super-awesome b/c if you order one on the website today, it won't get here until the middle of January.  I am very, very tempted to donate again b/c I would love to give Mr. Goat this holster for Christmas.  If only I had a job!

Even Later Update: For $25, you can enter to win a Diamondback with its own holster.  Details here.

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