Friday, October 31, 2008

Long time no post

Well, it has been a while. But, basically, right now, all my weeks are pretty close to this one:

Monday - build fence. This includes pounding T-posts into the ground by hand. Come home dead tired, eat dinner, and sleep.
Tuesday - I don't even remember what I did. Too tired I guess.
Wednesday - More fence building.
Thursday - go to weight watcher's meeting. Lose 1.8 lbs (yay) . Get an ashiatsu (sp) massage. Your masseuse does this with her feet, which might be a little kinky, if you didn't have my masseuse. Be too tired to go see Shakespeare in the park, even though it is free, and pass out at 9 pm.
Today - hand seed 3 acres in clover. This entails walking around in the sun for hours. cranking a handle on a machine from Taiwan designed for a person a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter than me. Then build more fence.
Tomorrow - finishing the darned fence (hopefully). Having a meeting with the Louisiana goat co-op in which a bunch of yammerheads and government employees talk for a long time and I space out. Moving the cows which have gotten into the wrong herd into the correct herds so that we can put the bull in with one of the herds.

Anyway, I will get back on this, asap. But today is just for whining.

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