Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Updates

(1) I decided to pre-order Aion, and spent the weekend vegging in front of the computer. So far, Aion looks like a prettier version of Warhammer, except the PvP looks less organized. I am crossing my fingers that I will like the Abyss (the PvPvE content that the game is hyped for) better than what I have seen so far.

(2) Got my Any Soldier package mailed. Apparently, you get a discount of $2 for mailing the large flat-rate box to a military address, thus explaining the price discrepancy noted in my earlier post.

(3) Set up an account at SmartyPig to save up for Shochugeiko 2010. At this point, I can't put aside enough each month to cover the entire cost; I am hoping for a birthday or Christmas windfall to make up the difference. I figure any savings is better than no savings, although if I keep this up I will have more accounts than Shtinkykat.

(4) Am heading to the beach tomorrow. Grand Isle, LA, aka Cajun Paradise. My family has rented this cabin. Two weeks of fishing and lying in the sun, here I come!

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