Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breaking News: Dems and Republicans disagree over heath care

According to the Wall Street Journal, today the health care summit featured "sparring over the parties' approaches and trading some pointed barbs but making little apparent headway toward a bipartisan approach to a deal on legislation."

It turns out that Democrats and Republicans are really far apart when it comes to substantive changes on heath care issues. This is news to you only if you have eschewed every form of media for approximately the last year.

So I don't know what we taxpayers spent on the security, munchies, overtime for staffers, etc. to make this meeting happen (even assuming that the cost of our lawmakers time is zero, which I am starting to believe), but I'm sure it's more than I'm going to make this year, and it might be more than I'm going to make this lifetime.

All for an outcome which anyone who can turn on a TV and fog a mirror could have predicted for free. Who do these guys think that they are impressing, anyway?

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