Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm happy because I paid off one of my two family debts today!  It was the one that I had earlier planned to pay off in June 2011, but I decided to cash out my Roth 2011 fund (I am fully funded for 2010) to pay it off now, then use what I was paying toward the debt to refill the Roth kitty.  I'm comfortable with this - I have 15.5 months to come up with 10K in Roth money, and there's an incredible sense of relief in just getting this debt paid off as it's been hanging over my head since 2003.

Now I have one family debt and one school debt remaining.  Combined, they come to about 2/3 of our take-home income.

If our income stays reasonably steady, and we keep on track, we can pay it off in three years.  However, I have no reason to anticipate a steady stream of income; that's not how it works in the computer industry.  We've had steady income for a bit less than three years at this point, which is not quite a record, but getting close.  I figure things will change sometime in the next year, so I'm about to start socking away all extra money in savings in preparation for whatever comes next.

2010 wasn't the most efficient year ever for me due to heath issues.  I'm hoping this year will hold more accomplishments and fewer doctor visits.

Heading into the new month and the new year, I still have $7 in my toy budget.  I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than ordering Silent Blade and snuggling down in bed with my iPhone.

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  1. Good Luck in 2011! it is going to be a good one :)