Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Presents are the Ones You would Never Buy for Yourself

I got the last installment of my Christmas present from my little brother (yes, he's now over 30, but he'll always be my little brother).  He got me six months of fruit from Harry and David.  Every month was good or at least interesting (I now know that I dislike papaya), and this month was peaches and pears - two of my favorite fruits.

I know lots of people give and claim to prefer cash or gift cards, but I just don't think that's really true.  I know I prefer cash to a stock present (who really needs another picture frame?), but the real gift of a present is the time the giver spent thinking of the recipient.

It's a bit different for those in financially strapped situations, of course.  If cash or a gift card would change the recipient's lifestyle, even for the day, then the gift is in the thoughtfulness of the change.  For instance, I always give college students cash or gift cards.

I'm very lucky; if I need something, I own it.  If I really want something, I probably already have it.  But it adds immeasurably to my happiness wen someone cares enough about me to find something that I would never buy for myself, but nonetheless enjoy.

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