Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whatever Works is Good - an update on breastfeeding schedules

Sticking to a strict schedule wasn't much better than letting them set the feeding schedule.  So now we're on a modified schedule, where we try go at least 3 hours, but don't wake the babies up at night to eat.  So it doesn't always work out to 8 times a day, but I figure that, if they are hungry, they will cry.  If they are hungry and cuing for 15 mins, we feed them in between feedings, but that has only happened a few times over the last five days, and usually they fall back asleep after an ounce or two, or 10 minutes or so.  (They are 100% breast milk, but I do express milk so that I can take breaks sometimes.)

Since yesterday, however, the babies have slept more than ever before in their life ... in their car seats.  I don't know why, but our house has looked like this most of the time for the last 24 hours:

I'll take it.  Back to sleep for me!


  1. I am really hoping that when we decide to have kids that I can stick to only breastfeeding too! Goodluck!

  2. Awww... *sigh* They are Sooo very sweet!! Babies always sleep better bundled up I found... Cars seats, strollers, mommys arms... ;) lol! I'm gad to hear that breastfeeding s going well! Kudos to you for nursing twins!! :)