Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spoke Too Soon About Life Returning to Normal

Have had the most unproductive last couple of days ever.  And I have a funeral to go to tomorrow for the mother of a friend.  She was 94 and it wasn't unexpected, but it is still hard.  Also, the funeral is two hours away, so it will eat my entire day.  Friday I don't have child care, and I need to put the finishing touches on stuff for the au pair.  But I am going to sleep now so that I can at least try to do all this stuff with a decent amount of rest.


  1. Aww... :( Sorry to hear things aren't going well. Hope things slow down for you soon!

  2. Life's not any worse ... I just hoped this week would be a bit more organized, since I expect next week will be chaos. But, hey, as long as nothing is on fire we are doing fine.