Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How my brain works ...

My mother and I were out in the pasture, looking at the cows, when we had the following conversation:

Mom: We’re getting the new shorthorn bull this weekend; he needs a name.

Me: How about Squonk?

Mom: What?

Me: Squonk

Mom (incredulously): Squawk?

Me: No, Squonk

Mom: spell that

Me: S-Q-U-O-N-K

Mom: Why?

Me: Because it’s a cool new word I learned this week.

Mom: What does it mean?

Me: It’s a legendary Pennsylvania Yeti.

Mom: What’s a Yeti?

Me: Like Bigfoot

Mom: Oh … I was thinking of maybe naming him Shorty.

Me: So we’re on the same page – we both think the name should start with “S”!

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