Tuesday, April 13, 2010

January Goal Updates

At the beginning of this year, I set myself some ambitious goals, and, since the year is ¼ (almost 1/3) over, I need to take a look at how I am holding up, and what I plan to do about it.
1) Religious / Spiritual:  A) Never miss church unless sick or out of town. I haven’t missed once for Sunday morning sloth.  Go me!
 B) Participate in a mission or outreach with my church I’ve thought of some ideas, now I just need to get some momentum going.
C) Read The Bible  I started off fine, but then tapered off.  I still have plenty of time, I just need to get back on the wagon
D) Write every day in a prayer and gratitude journal. This happens some days.  I need to make it happen every day
 E) Continue to Tithe Pretty much done.  I’ve put it in the budget and my church gets a cheque from the bank automatically every month. 2) Health A) Maintain my weight between 145 and 155 pounds   I weighted in at 155.8 last week.  I need to get back to exercise, as I can’t seem to stick to my assigned points without some extra from exercise. B) Swim or do Physical Therapy 4 times a week.  I am so fail on this.  After I ended physical therapy in January, I’ve done basically nothing.  I have not even joined a gym.  I go out of town this weekend, but I am going to join first thing on Monday morning.
C) Do Physical Therapy Exercises Every Day.  N/A I am out of physical therapy.
D) Practice Aikido Every Day.  I’m not doing this.  I don’t understand why – I really want to get better, but I can’t seem to make myself practice.  I guess I’m just a “casual” who can’t bring herself to practice solo.  This is a problem for me now that I don’t have a group to practice with.  I don’t have a quick answer for how to turn this around. 
3) Financial A) Pay off loan from relatives in the amount of $1000  Done!    
B) Pay off loan from relative in the amount of $30,000  Just not gonna happen this tear.  I’m saving as much as I can toward it, and I’ll look at it again next year.
C) Fully Fund 2009 and 2010 Roth IRAs.  Done! 4)  Dreams 1) Write something besides this blog.  This and aikido practice are my two biggest wants that I never make time for.  I need to figure out how to make this happen for myself or just let it go and realize that I’m not going to write.
2) Learn how to Accompany on the Piano I did well for the first month, but fell off the wagon.  Time to get back on.
3) Get officially affiliated with a dojo I haven’t looked into this at all.  I need to consider it as part of my overall aikido planning.
4) Keep up with my Chinese I haven’t been doing any character writing, but I have been practicing with a friend every couple of weeks, which is much better than what I did mefore. 5) Prosaic
1) Practice with my carry firearms at least once a month Massive fail.  This just needs to get on my calendar.
2) Keep my house in a reasonable state of neatness This is not even close to the most wretched my house has ever been, but it’s not where I’d like to be, either.  I started Flylady, but then stopped doing it.  I’ve gotten her book from the library in preparation for starting again next Monday.
In Summation: I restarted my Aion subscription and I’m still spending too much time reading news on the internet.  I’m managing Aion fairly well, though.  I still need better time organization, but I’m not as far behind on this list as I thought I would be when I began this exercise.
I obviously need to add blogging to my list of goals, as I have been massive fail in that direction as well.   Time to get back on the wagon!

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