Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Small Deception

Until now, I have managed to crochet an afghan for every one of my sorority sisters' babies. But I just didn't have time since I got the notice for the current baby shower 2 weeks ago (baby not due until July, so I thought the shower would be next month at the earliest). So I'm buying one that's been hand crocheted by someone else. If anyone asks me, I won't lie and say that I made it, but I won't specifically state that it wasn't made by me unless asked. Am I a bad person?


  1. Of course not! I can't believe you've managed to crochet that many up to this point, honestly.

  2. Okay... I was going to do that for my two coworkers. I started one blanket 3 months before they were due and now they've already had their babies... I am only finished with a 1/3rd of 1 blanket. Don't know how you do it! ;)