Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taxes Finished!

Thanks to promethazine and ondansetron I finally got my taxes completed today.  Thanks to a big loss on CIGX (bought at $4.92, sold $2.03 so that I could pay off my debt) the feds are actually giving us back a few hundred dollars.  Thanks to Louisiana politicians changing the state tax rate, but not the withholding tables, last year, we're getting more than a grand back from the state.

All the money is going into my "baby fund" account.  Basically, my plan is to amass 3K between now and my due date (mid-October) and use that for baby expenses until I run out.  Then I will have some idea of a baseline for expenses and can adjust the budget accordingly.  Anyone have a better idea for budgeting for first time parents?

If you're a big tax procrastinator like me, and you use any Turbo Tax besides the free edition, you might try this link through the Scottrade Knowledge Center.  It gave me 30% off my federal return.  If you scroll down the page there's a link to the Turbo Tax website, and it should come up the same as the normal site, but with the fees reduced 30%.  I'm not sure if it will work or not, but since I didn't have to use my Scottrade log in or anything, I thought I'd share in case it helps.


  1. Why wouldn't LA politicians change the withholding tables? I guess it would be more work but I'm sure that many people were affected like yourself. It is a good idea to have a baby fund. They are expensive but so worth it.

  2. Not changing the withholding tables until 2011 allowed them to "borrow" the extra revenue for a year with a 0% interest rate.