Sunday, July 17, 2011


I guess this is nesting - Mr. Goat was out of town on business last week and so my mother and cousin came over and helped me organize the house.  Literally, all I did was sit on a chair and tell them where to put stuff.  I usually took a nap every afternoon.  But it feels like I ran a marathon every day for the last week.

It does not help that my hip pain, which I had finally gotten under control, has resumed with a vengeance.  They take you off all drugs when you get pregnant, so I am off  Nortriptyline (a tricyclic antidepressant also used effectively for migraine treatment).  Instead, I have codeine (an opiate analgesic), which I am "not supposed to take too much of," according to my doctor.  As my last round of pain problems was compounded by taking hydrocodone and acetaminophen constantly, until they messed up my body's pain system, I'm not wild to start taking another round of opiates.   I have turned to massage, which helps, but blows the budget out of the water.  Each massage is $110 each, not covered by insurance or reimbursable.  I'm just hoping that the Nortriptyline still works when I get back on it; my nightmare is that I'll have to do another year and a half round of trying medications until one works for me again.  But for now, I'm in constant low-grade pain with occasional spikes of high-grade pain, which is not conducive to rest.

I can't believe anyone does this pregnancy thing twice!  Maybe I'll feel differently when I have babies on the ground, but right now I am pretty sure that these babies are the Alpha and Omega for me.

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