Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blogoversary #2

It's been 3 years since I started this blog.  I was hoping I'd be inspired with some valuable insights gained over the past three years, but valuable insights seem to be in short supply over at the Goat house today.  I never started this blog to be anything other than a "day in the life of" and my blog metrics reflect that.  According to Blogger, my top five posts by number of views are:

Why the First Year of Marriage is the Hardest

Ebay Epic Fail - hot 13 year old girls

Progressive's My Rate Program

Long Time No Post

Scotttrade and Bank of America Wouldn't Give Me My Money!  Grrrr!

Which just goes to show that Google search metrics determine the impression people get of your site.

Looking back, a few of my favorite posts are:

Orkin and The Samuel Vimes "Boots" Theory of Socieoeconomic Unfairness - Discworld + PF = Win

Credit Card Rebates and My Rules - still just as true two years later

Food Budgeting - this is still a problem for me in 2011, but I've gotten much better at finding local veggies, and the local food movement has gained more traction in my area.  

One interesting thing about taking a trip down memory lane is how few of the bloggers I used to communicate with are still around.  For instance, the food budgeting post (April 2009) has 5 comments, of which only Bridgid and jpkittie seem to still be around.  Whatever happened to DogAteMyFinances?  Google shows that she was threatened with outing last year and went private and somehow I never noticed.  Funny how the internet is both permanent and ephemeral at the same time.

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  1. congrats on your milestone and hopefully you have a new batch of blogger buddies to fill the void.

    I totally don't blame Dog. I had some guy threaten to sue me for $1.5MM for libel because I posted a review of his slimy rental practices. I took the post down and all my buddies backlinks to it as well and He still was stalking my blog 7 months later. I'm hoping I blocked all the remaining domains he's coming in from but it's scary as hell being on the internet.