Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obamacare Picture Translation (political)

This is going to be a political post, because I can't help myself.  Just ignore it if you're not into the politics thingie.

This has been all over Facebook lately.

Apparently, this sob story is supposed to make you favor government-subsidized heath insurance.  But this is what I see when I read this poster:

I am 34 years old and health insurance is so over-regulated that it is difficult and expensive to procure.  Because my employer does not subsidize heath insurance, I made the decision to gamble that I would not need any.  That gamble failed when I became really sick.  

Because I am a good person, nothing really bad should ever happen to me, so I immediately tried to pawn my expensive problem off on someone else.  Insurance, a regime in which many people pay a little money for the possibility that they may someday need a lot of money, turned me down because there was a 100% certainty that I would need a lot of money immediately.

Luckily for me, President Obama has set up a government handout scheme and called it insurance.  Even though my premiums will never pay for my procedure (and I can stop paying them as soon as I am done with it, anyway), PCIP doesn't care because, unlike private insurers, they can always raise taxes to get more money.

Thank you, President Obama, for screwing over the people who actually paid for insurance and taxpayers everywhere by directing government money to me so that I don't have to pay for the consequences of my earlier bad decision.

(Photo from http://giveneyestosee.com/blog/)


  1. I think you're right. The tumors didn't just come on suddenly. She had years of painful periods and excessive bleeding. As if, we other women don't know that.
    So what if your employer doesn't have health insurance? You could always have gone out and bought it yourself.

    She took the gamble and lost.

    Yeah? So?

  2. Impossible to say what kind of life choices led this person to be 34 and without adequate life insurances. Probably the same kind of reasoning that cause her to ascribe superhuman life-saving powers to the President.

  3. Uhmm, sorry to somewhat disagree with you on this one IMHO.

    Health care in the US has gotten insanely expensive. There are numerous reasons why not the least of which is government regulation, but regardless of the reason health care in the US is far more expensive than anyplace else. Because of that health insurance in the US is more expensive than anyplace else.
    Without knowing all of the facts about her situation, which is highly unlikely IMHO, there is no way of knowing if she created her situation or if she did everything right and still had everything go wrong. Could be either, quite possibly a bit of both.

    Shields Up/Kevlar on :)