Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Job uncertainty means life uncertainty

Mr. Goat's CEO sent an email last week that said that they were "looking into cost cutting measures" at "all levels of the process," which he (and I) take to mean that there will be a round of layoffs at his company in the near future. So I have put all long-term plans on hold, lest we need to move again soon.

It's really a shame, because Mr. Goat loves his job (he's a computer programmer for a medium-sized California company) and we both like living where we do. Unfortunately, we live in such a rural area that there is no chance he can get a job anywhere near here (he's currently 100% telecommute).

The uncertainty has permeated the decision-making process at all levels of my life. Until we know how things are going to shake down, I'm not joining the local gym or golf course (both things I was considering doing). I'm not going to put up any more okra, since I won't be able to take it with me. I'm also locking down my spending to the bare necessities.

I estimate this will last about three more weeks. If we haven't heard anything by then, I'll re-evaluate my reaction. If we have, then I can shift into whatever gear is necessary.

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