Friday, January 14, 2011


By request, the CNC machine in all its glory;)
 Since 100 Centavs was curious, I'm putting up a picture of the CNC machine and linking to a blog post by my husband on some jewelry he did for his mom.  The video in that post shows a brief clip of the CNC in action.

I'm not claiming any credit for this machine - my husband put it together entirely by himself.  Being a bookish, non-mechanical kind of person, I am constantly amazed at what handy people like him can put together in their spare time. 

This is a "poor man's" CNC machine.  As I recollect it, he bought a few kits and random parts, scavenged some parts from his parts pile, stuck them all together, built the frame, and made it go.  The result is a CNC machine built for less than $1K.  It's not as precise as the professionally made ones, but it cost about 5% of a bottom of the line pro model.

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  1. Wow.... I am at a loss for words. Beyond amazing. Mr. Lost Goat is an artist.