Sunday, January 31, 2010


What I've been up to in the last week or so:

(1) Had 5 goats die. Between the rain, the cold, and the parasite load from the wet, they are keeling over like ninepins. I've yet to save even one that starts looking peaky, which is one of the problems with goats. Once they look sick, it's over. I've given them two doses of Cydectin (off label used of the sheep oral drench, given to me by my Vet) so far. According to my Vet, I'll need to worm them every month forever now. If this is the case, I'll probably have to give up my goat program, as I just can't see selling a natural product that I pump full of chemicals on a regualr basis.

(2) Interviewed someone to help rub the farm. He seems knowledgeable, but I didn't like him. My parents will make the final decision, though, and they plan to offer him the job unless they really like the people that we interview next weekend, which should be our last interview.

(3) Was told that my current level of back pain is permanent and there is nothing to be done. This means that I am now firmly in the hands of quacks and new-agers. I am currently seeing this guy, who practices what he calls quantum neurology. Willing to try anything non-invasive at this point.

(4) Arraigned to buy a car. I'll do a post on it if it works out.

(5) Acted as moderator at my church while my pastor was out of town. I'm glad I don't have to do that every weekend - it's pretty stressful to stand up there in church and hope that God inspires you to say the right things.

(6) Read a ton of books. Got the new Ilona Andrews Book, On the Edge, and it was a good as her stuff usually is. Also read Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh, and found it interesting enough that I'll be requesting other books of hers from the library. The strong heroine paranormal fantasy / romance is so popular that it's been done to death at the moment, but as I've been a fan of it since I read Arrows of the Queen in my middle school library, I'm happy that so many talented authors are getting published.

(7) Played too much Aion. Also too much Guild Wars. Video games sure are fun time wasters!

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