Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2010 Savings Plan

This year, I've decided to start saving earlier so that I can have a bigger budget for Christmas in 2010.  In 2009, I saved $250 but ended up over budget by about $200 (fortunately, my husband agreed to use an anniversary present we received to cover the shortfall).  This year, I plan to save $500.  Since my housekeeper quit, that's a $85 savings already for next year (unless I get another one), so surely I'll be able to come in under budget.  I've already added a new savings goal at Smarty Pig and the first $46 will be coming out of my bank account tomorrow.  I can't wait to buy everyone I love fabulous presents next year!  Anyone else beginning to save now?


  1. Not yet, but probably some time in March or April. We have a few debts to pay off first, but it should be a good year...we need to save approximately $1500.

  2. From now until June I am saving a sad $10/month. Once the wedding is done and over with, we will bump this up by quite bit. :)

    But $10 is better than nothing! ;)