Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saving money with a phone call

Well, I finally did a PF-like thing and saved money with a phone call.   I use Progressive Auto Insurance, and I ran a quote on my policy on their website, and came up with a number $24 / month cheaper than what I had been paying.  Made the phone call to Progressive to ask them to change it; found out I'd forgotten to include something and was only overpaying $22.50 a month.

According to the nice saleslady "We recently changed our billing rates in your state, and you would have gotten this new rate when we renewed your policy."  Since they just renewed us on 12/24/2009, I have my doubts.

Anyway, I went ahead and payed the full six months to get the slight savings and so that I could put it all on a credit card (I'll take cash back on anything they'll let me;). 

So I saved myself $150 for six months, although I imagine that I'll pay that and more when I add the second car (of course, I have to buy a second car before this becomes a problem).  But it is a nice reminder to check every once in a while whether my fixed expenses can be lowered without any diminution of service.

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