Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plasma Donation Fail and Consignment Research - Day 1

According to the Talecris website, "you should allow 2 hours for your first donation." But apparently, the first of the month is a VERY popular day to donate plasma. By the time I arrived at 10am, the waiting list was ~60 people deep. Since I didn't have the entire day (I had budgeted 3 hours), I decided to postpone day 1 of plasma donation to Thursday, when I really can take the entire day, if necessary.

Since I was already in town, I looked at the local consignment stores to see if ebay was a better option. Apparently, since the last time I was there, the best store in town has dropped its payment percentage from 50 to 40. So now I am leaning back toward ebay. I have some nice, designer clothes, which I will probably have to underprice significantly, as I have low feedback and poor pictures, but I think that 90% (after ebay's fees and paypal's fees) will probably compensate for that. Also, I plan to borrow my mom's camera, since it is much nicer than the one on my phone.

Challenge Totals


  1. Wow, what a great start. That's a lot of ppl donating plasma! But, I will tell you its definitely needed in the healthcare community. Where I work...they are always in need. Alot of ppl don't have the time to donate plasma because it is a longer process than donating blood. Again, congrats on taking effort in your money making efforts. :)

  2. Wow! I can't believe how busy it is at the beginning of the month! I figured that it would be busier at the end when people need more money before payday. Guess I was wrong. I'm also looking into plasma donation. I'll probably go for my first visit next week. Do you think I should go in the morning or afternoon?