Tuesday, March 20, 2012

200.8 / 204.8 - First Food for Monkey and Football

200.8 was Monday and 204.8 was today.  No idea how I can gain four pounds in a day, but I'll probably have the fun of losing at least two of them tomorrow.  Worked out both yesterday and today.  Wish I had more time to write on this blog, but life keeps me so tired I'm lucky to post this much right now.

I did want to share that Monkey and Football had their first food today.  I am following the Westin A. Price guidelines, so their first food was egg yolk, mixed liberally with breast milk.  Football has been interested in the spoon for a couple of weeks now, and has happily slurped up breast milk with it.  However, she wasn't very interested today; she basically let all the egg stuff drool out while she grinned at me.

I gave Monkey a spoonful, and as soon as I took it out, he started crying.  I worried that he might not like it, but then he grabbed my hand and shoved the spoon back in his mouth:)  By the third spoonful he was slurping it off the spoon.

I only gave them each five spoonfuls, in case they were allergic, but neither of them seems to have had any reactions, so I can give them more tomorrow.  On my way to getting done with this whole breastfeeding thing!

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