Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Completely Legal Way to Get a Giant Tax Refund!

Give birth to twins at the end of the year.  (Hey, I never said it was frugal)

Our tax refunds (fed and state) hit our account today.  With them and the money I have saved over the past few months, I can top off our 2011 Roths and still have a 6 month bare-bones emergency fund!

I'm going to skip the details on the end of February's challenge (no more cleaning accomplished) and I'll give out Libester Blog Awards (thanks Allison) next week, because I am totally zoinked.  My uncle is in the hospital, my mom is managing his care, and I am managing the preparation for the 30 person luncheon she is giving on Saturday (agreed to long before my uncle got sick).  Bed time for me!