Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earn More Challenge Update, Day 22

I have earned $355.46 so far.

The breakdown, for those who are interested:

$90 - plasma donation
$50 - credit card cash reward redemption
$321.65 - ebay and half

$45.68 - shipping
$44.86 - ebay fees
$15.65 - packing supplies
This does not include half or paypal's take, as they are much harder to break out. So, really my ebay and half gross is slightly larger, and my fees and expenses are also slightly higher.

I calculated that I needed to make $18.55/daily to meet my goal of $555.56. To be up-to-date, I would need to have made $408.10 by today, so I am down $52.64.

I have another $74.98 in bids on ebay. After fees, that will be about $67.50. So I really only have $132.60 left to go.

I am going to do one more round of ebay, ending all my auctions on Sunday, so I will have plenty of time to collect money and get items shipped out. If I don't have enough by then, it'll be back to the plasma center for me, which would make me a sad panda (I don't mind the actual donation, it's the hours of waiting that I despise). Crossing my fingers that I can find enough stuff around my house that will sell.


  1. Wow, even though you're behind schedule, you're still doing GREAT!!!

    I can't believe how well you're doing with eBay and Half! That is fantastic. Which do you to prefer to sell from? And advice for us starting off with eBay?

  2. Hi, you are doing really, really well. eBay amount is brilliant :-)