Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nuthin' but Ebay - Day 6

Finished putting the last of my test items up on ebay - ended up with 13 items total. If they sell well enough, I'll try to put more up. If they don't, I'll take everything into the consignment store on Thursday when I go to town to donate plasma. I'm encouraged because one item already has enough bid on it to cover my ebay fees so far, and it is a sleeveless shirt, so the consignment stores wouldn't have taken it anyway. Crossing my fingers for some sales tomorrow.

High Class, Low Income made $125 babysitting; I am trying to think of anyone who might like my babysitting services, but am so far coming up blank. But I appreciate the idea for a different income source.

Challenge Totals:
Today: $0/18.55 = (18.55)
Total: $90.90 /111.30 = (20.40)


  1. You're doing great on your challenge this month! :)

  2. You are doing awesome! I wish I had extra things to sell on Ebay. Keep it up!