Saturday, September 5, 2009

Plasma Donation 2- Day 5

Donated plasma for the second time today and got my big new donor bonus - $60. And it only took three hours today. I was not able to make it in at opening; next time I am going to try to make it there at 7 am and see what the shortest possible wait is.

After this, I am an old donor, and can earn only $65/week for 2 donations. I realized that I was overly optimistic re: plasma earnings. I thought that the ability to donate re-set at the beginning of every week, but in fact you can donate only twice in any seven day period. So the next day that I can donate is Thursday, and I only have 6 more possible donations for September, meaning that the largest possible amount that I can make by donating plasma this month is $285.

That means I have to earn $270.56 besides plasma donation to meet my goal, and that is assuming that I make every possible plasma session this month. So far my non-plasma earning are pretty anemic, but I will wait until Monday night when my auctions on ebay end before I get too concerned.

I did sell a couple of books on half today, but it was too late to ship them when they sold, so I won't count them in until after Tuesday, when I ship 'em. Even with them I would still be a bit behind, but I'm almost caught up today. I'm going to enjoy it while I can, because I don't think I'll make any more money before Tuesday, when I can start shipping again.

Challenge Totals:
Today: $60/18.55 = 41.45
Total: $90.90 /92.75 = (1.85)


  1. Love the 'anemic' comment. ;)

    You're doing great. I don't think most people would donate plasma to make the extra funds. So, you're one up!

  2. LOL@ this comment:

    "So far my non-plasma earning are pretty anemic"

    I groaned and then laughed, which is pretty much me saying that I loved that pun. =D

    I keep putting off going to give plasma because of the UTI - I'm not sure if they'll take it if I'm on antibiotics and I don't want to wait around for 2-3 hours to find out. (Mainly, I'm just making excuses, cause I'm lazy).

    $65/week is pretty good. I think the donation center in my town only offers $25/donation - or $50/week. However, that is STILL an extra $150-200/week - so I really need to get my ass in gear and get myself down to the donation center to find out! My goal is to at least go once this month, for sure.