Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spend Less or Earn More? - Day 9

Musings of a Midlife Mom asked: is it easier to earn less or spend more? So far this month, earning more has felt like pulling teeth, so I have to go with spending less. As I said in a previous post, I am doing both this month, due to job insecurity. And it has been much easier to stretch the grocery budget a bit than to figure out how to make extra cash.

That's why I'm glad that I signed up for the challenge. It has forced me to move beyond my comfort zone and really think about the ways I could add more income, and whether those ways are worth it to me in the long term. Without the challenge, I don't think I'd have ever tried plasma donation, for instance. I certainly wouldn't have discovered how much fun it is to check my ebay auctions and discover that an item was bid on, or bid up, since the last time I looked.

Speaking of which, I have sold two items, and have two items with bids (once of which ends this evening). I have achieved a sales rate of 4 of 13. Therefore, I have decided that I will continue to put items up on ebay for the remainder of the month, rather than taking them to the consignment store. Unfortunately, no one has paid me yet, and I can't count it as income until I have it in my hot little hands (or paypal account, as the case may be). So I have zero income for today. Look for a big jump in my balance tomorrow, though, as it is a plasma donation day and hopefully I will have some money coming in from ebay as well.

Challenge Totals:
Today: $0/18.55 = (18.55)
Total: $99.27 /166.95 = (67.68)

P.S. I have found 14 more books to list on half, so did accomplish the goal I set for myself yesterday. My goal for tomorrow is to list or re-list 5 items on ebay.

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  1. Congratulations on your sales and momentum! This is a great post of your journey this month. It does feel like pulling teeth, huh? I wonder why? Is it because it is outside our comfort zone?

    Your doing a fabulous job. Keep it up. :)