Monday, September 21, 2009

The axe has fallen ... and it missed us (this time)

Mr. Goat's company laid off 15% of its employees today. He wasn't laid off, but he's looking at taking over half the workload of someone who was. Since he already works an 80 hour week, things could get ... interesting around here. I can relax a little on my decision not to spend any extraneous money, but I am still not joining the local golf course.

I am waiting for my latest round of ebay to finish tonight before updating my earn more challenge. I am still behind, but it looks like I'm only about $250 down, with a week and a couple of days left to go.

I am debating trying to donate plasma for one more week. On one hand, it would probably push me over goal. On the other, two hours of driving and eight to ten hours of waiting for $60 is really hard to get motivated to do. That's pretty much all my free time for this week. I am crossing my fingers that a couple of big items sell well on ebay later this week, and I'll be able to forgo any more plasma donations and still meet my goal.

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