Monday, September 14, 2009

Lost Steam, but Getting Back on Track - Day 14

The plasma donation last Wednesday did not go well. I waited four hours and finally left in frustration, as I had a doctor's appointment that I needed to make. Since I was a no-show (signed in but did not donate), I am ineligible to donate for a certain period of time. I need to call the center and find out how long that period is, but I may have blown all my plasma money for September. At any rate, I didn't get any plasma donation money for this week.

That evening, I slipped on a wet porch and fell down four stairs, giving myself a nasty bruise and difficulty moving all weekend. It also knocked a lot of my challenge energy out of me; I didn't do anything for the rest of the week but ship items that had already sold on ebay and half. Mostly I zoned out on the Aion open beta.

However, last evening and today I have started to get back on track. Half and ebay have been slow but consistent earners for me, so I have listed 17 items on ebay and now have more than 50 items on half. This evening, I added my total sales from ebay and half for the month, and subtracted shipping and supplies, for a net of $95.25.

So my total money earned for the challenge so far is $185.25.

I am way behind.

If I can make as much from ebay in the second half of the month as I did in the first half, I am looking at ~ $280 for the month, way short of my goal. Four more plasma donations (assuming I can do them at all) puts me up to only ~ $410.

I do have some clothing that I decided would not move well on ebay, and I am going to try to consign it. But the reason it won't move well is that it is mostly stuff from Macy's, which has such a low resale value that I can't expect much from it, even if it sells.

Time to shift the prayer wagon into gear, and ask for some energy and inspiration.


  1. Wow! $95 from eBay and is great!

    That sucks that you had to be a no-show for the plasma donation. Hopefully the period of time is really, really small... like 2 weeks or something like that. But seriously... waiting for 4 hours is ridiculous! I would have left to (even without a doctor's appointment to go to).

  2. I was playing Aion too! Both sad and relieved when it ended. Sad for obvious reasons (it was fun!) and relieved because it was sucking up too much of my time.

    Great job posting all those items on ebay! I have a lot to put up, but I've been procrastinating. :\