Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Few Days Late and Half a Pound Short

My official weigh-in in the Shape Up for March Challenge for Monday, February 14th was 162.6 pounds, down .6 pounds.  I now need to lose on average 1.2 pounds a week to meet my weight goal.  I attribute the slow loss to (1) eating almost 100 weight watchers points on Sunday (still within my points, but will give my weight a bounce the next day) and (2) getting only 4 hours of sleep on Sunday night (I always weigh heavier with no sleep.  I have no idea why).  If I'm not doing better next week, I'll worry about it then.  I'm also still 100% on gym and Judo.

As for the No Spend Challenge, I haven't done a great job of tracking this week, but I'm pretty sure that all we've spent money on is gas, so we should be good.  I'll get back on this tomorrow, as I have a cow in labor atm and (hopefully) Judo to go to after she delivers.

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