Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Another run at the grocery store and 47% of my grocery budget is now gone.  More than one third of my money was spent on cheese alone, which is a real eye-opener.  I'd better not let it go to waste, because this stuff is expensive!  Fortunately, today that won't be a problem, as the majority of the cheese will go on this weeks half-dozen frozen pizzas (currently in the process of being made).  Twenty-one pizzas left to go to break even on the pans!

My computer is back up, but the damage to the no-spend challenge is significant.  49% of my toy budget is spent; the goal was zero.  And I used the toy budget again today to buy a raffle ticket from some kids outside the Wal-Mart.  Somehow it's like breaking a diet - once you're off in a big way, the little indulgences seem less significant.

Speaking of diet, the Shape Up For March Challenge is going great.  I've made it to the gym four times this week, and to judo twice, putting me at gym: 6/17 and Judo: 2/6.  Also, I have 70 weekly/activity Weight Watchers points remaining, and my week ends on Sunday night, so I'm confident that I can stay within my points for the week, even if there are sugary Valentine's day treats at church. (I'm torn between hoping there are and hoping there aren't.)  I also had a goat get out onto the highway today, and spent a good fifteen minutes running around after him, thus giving me extra, unplanned calorie burning.  Wasn't that nice of him?


  1. I love the last bit about how nice the goat was for running away from you :) Earlier today I was thinking how it's sort of a good thing that our ice machine at work is broken, because when I need to use ice, I have to walk up a flight of stairs, and even that little bit of activity is better than just standing still at my bench all day, and walking across the room to get ice.

  2. "More than one third of my money was spent on cheese alone" Sorry, I don't see what's the issue.
    Then again, maybe I'm biased. This morning's breakfast was chunks of parmesan cheese and pears.

  3. Not exactly an issue - just noticing where the money goes.

  4. Sounds like you're still doing great overall! My budget is down to next to nothing for the month, luckily we have lots of food in the house though!! lol!

  5. I think a lot of us are feeling the pains of spending more cash than we thought we would. But I still think we are all so much more conscious of our spending and we are ending up saving more! Food is expensive! That is one area where I'm thinking will bust my budget, but I will try to hold out!