Thursday, February 3, 2011

No-Spend, Iced in Edition

The entire world is ice out here, so I basically spent the day at home.  $0 dollars spent.

I did manage to make it to the gym, to discover that the pool is closed and the entire place is closed tomorrow due to weather.  I didn't have real workout clothing, but I did thirty mins on the elliptical machine so that I would have something to show for my time.  Judo was too far for iced-over roads, though.  Since the challenge starts tomorrow, I guess I'll relive my time in Michigan and go for a jog in the cold.  (I'm not supposed to jog, but I can go a bit if I'm careful.)  As I recall, it's quite bracing, after the first five minutes.

You know it's the coldest day of the year because we had two calves born today:

Kali (taken through the fence; she's a protective mama)


  1. oh, the baby cows are so cute!

    I find that staying home makes for a frugal day. The cold icy weather is sure keeping us frugal (aside from the heater running non-stop).

  2. I hope you are staying warm! Your animals look very content...even in the cold weather!