Monday, February 7, 2011

Shape Up for March Challenge Begins Today!

Shape Up for March:
My official starting weight: 163.2lbs
Goal Weight: 159 lbs
Target Weight Loss: 4.2 lbs
How I'm Going to Do It: I follow Weight Watchers
Workout Goals: Gym 4x a Week, Judo 2x a Week, 17x to Gym in Feb
Today: Went to Gym
Gym, 3/17; Judo 0/6

No Spend February:
Food: 75% remaining (no change)
Other: 100% remaining (no change)
Toy: 2% over (down 1%)

I had another toy spend; I realized that I had forgotten to send my Anysoldier package at the end of last month.  So I got it sent off today.  It mostly consisted of toiletries from the hotel I stayed at last month; I used my own shampoo and conditioner and stashed each day's mini-toiletries in my bag, thus getting new ones daily.  I realize that there is a split in the PF world on whether this is allowable, déclassé, or tantamount to stealing.  I'm willing to grant that it might be déclassé, but I figure that the hotel prices the rooms assuming I will use the toiletries, so I've paid for them.  When I lived in Dallas, I would donate them to the local homeless shelter; as soldiers are also concerned about the weight of their possessions, hopefully these will come in handy.  I also sent some magazines and granola bars.  I suppose I could have waited and sent it off next month, but then it would have sat in my house for a month, and in a 900 square foot house, even 1 square foot of box has a tendency to get in the way (also why I don't do the stockpiling thing). 


  1. Declasse', schmeclasse'. I do it too. When I stay in hotels in Asia, I take the good teabags with me, and the Nescafe, and sweetener packets. They come in handy when during travels and camping.

  2. I always take any extra conditioners with me and keep them in my travel bag. Seems like most hotels have shampoo and soap but a lot don't have conditioner. I never think to take the coffee kits though. I'm with you, at $150-$200/night, I'm sure that the toiletries are built into the cost. Stealing towels, facecloths and other non consumable items is the line that shouldn't get crossed.