Friday, February 24, 2012

Free EBook Friday - Night of the Wolves

Some of the best bargains on the internet right now are free ebooks on Kindle.  They can also be some of the worst dreck ever produced.  It just depends on which you stumble on, so I thought I'd start sharing those that I come across and enjoy.  Book prices change frequently; all I can promise is that the book was free when I published this post:)

This Week's Book:

Book it Reminds Me Of:

David Daglish writes firmly in the realm of dark fantasy, but happily he does not confuse it with erotica, as seems to be the case for many new authors.  This is all sword and sorcery and faith in gods and great deeds - nary a romance to be seen.  This book centers around two paladins, each of a different and competing god, who are assigned to the same area by their churches.  When the village is threatened by wolf-men, each man has to decide how he will respond when his most puissant ally is also his sworn enemy.

Mr. Daglish sets all of his novels in the same world; if you would prefer a darker series with a bit of romance thrown in, book one of his Half-Orc series, The Weight of Blood, is also free this week.

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