Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Review - 2/12 - 2/18

Carla's Challenge

I am 64% through my money and we are 62% through the month.  I need to get my reinbursements in, though, because I have big bills that hit at the end of the month and, also, I haven't got any groceries in the house, so this will need to cover two weeks worth of shopping.

No progress on the ugly desk; planning to work on that and reimbursements tomorrow.

10 pound challenge

I weighed 200.4 lbs today.  I'm barely below where I need to be for the challenge, but I can't complain because I failed to work out again this week.  I know I will do better this week, though, because I already worked out today.  I plan to keep the momentum going tomorrow!

2012 Goals

I'm only to the 33rd chapter of Deuteronomy, even though I felt like I did a lot of reading this week.  Not sure what is up with that.  I did make it to church today, and the babies were perfect angels.  I plan to enjoy it while they are not mobile; they'll be running up and down the pews soon enough.

No working out this week.

Money continues to be socked away.  At this point, it is pretty boring; everything is set up auto-pay.  Boring is good, though, it means that Mr. Goat still has a job;)

No shooting this week.  Also, I've not started Flylady routines, although that was one of my resolutions for the month.  I think I'll push them to next month; I have enough on my plate right now.


  1. Life is tough & consuming with a new baby, even moreso with two! ;) I think you're doing great! :) Gotta take things one small step at a time!

  2. You are very transparent. That is admirable and I agree with Carla, you are doing great!