Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week in Review 1/29-2/4

I have spent 17% of our monthly budget and we are 14% through the month.  However, I expect 8% of that to be reimbursed from my FSA, so I'm calling myself ahead.

I have made no progress on my bedroom, in fact I have regressed, because I have been sick since Friday.  So my bedroom is now disorganized AND strewn with used Kleenex.  I'm feeling better today, though, so hopefully I can get cracking on both the bedroom and the baby clothing this week.

I did clean out a shelf in my hall, and I have a few things slated for donation.  This is three olive oil bottles (all presents), a hurricane lamp and lamp oil, a box that I won at a Christmas party, a snowman that was a favor at the same party, and an entire bag of icicle Christmas lights that aren't LEDs. So I am 7/29 for throwaway/donations for the month.

10 Pound Challenge
Today I weighed 203 lbs.  I'm hoping it is water weight from being sick, but I haven't been watching my food or exercising much this week.  I'll get back on this once I'm well again.

2012 Goals
I'm currently somewhere in Numbers.  I missed church this week.  I'm still reading the Proverbs 31 emails daily.

I worked out 4 times this week and made it to the gym once.  Getting sick will do that to you.  Better luck next week.

Not having a toy budget last month meant that there are a bunch of things I want to get this month.  I already purchased Brawn (hello, guilty pleasures) and I want to get Fair Game and A Perfect Blood
 as soon as they come out.  (Maybe.  I hate to pay hardcover prices on an ebook, when I know that waiting a year will allow me to get the same content for half the price.  I might just order them from the library and buy them later if I decide they are worth it.)  I also want to see Big Love: The Complete Fifth Season; I'm debating whether to buy it instantly ($15.99 for the season), get the DVDs from Half ($17.99, but hopefully they will retain resale value), or re-subscribe to Netflix for one month ($15.98, but I could watch other content too).  I also need to be saving for my bar association dues and my tithes.  In other words, I need to get cracking on selling some stuff if I want to get some stuff.  Unfortunately, I don't think I have much that's low-hanging fruit on the sales items anymore.  Hopefully I'll come across some stuff while I am purging this month.

Still no shooting.  I suck.

Hoping for better health next week!

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! I think it's stupid that ebooks cost as much as HC books.. But the ebooks are where the authors are making the most money, whereas in HC books there's more $$ in the "pot" to be split up.