Friday, November 27, 2009

Am I Frugal or Just Crazy?

OK, the back story on this is that I volunteered to sing Christmas carols at the Christmas Luncheon for my Woman's Club and at my church.  I didn't really have anything nice to wear for the luncheon (since I've lost 20 pounds since last Christmas), so my mom bought me a nice green dress as a present.

I wasn't going to do any Black Friday shopping, but then my parents asked me to go by T.J. Maxx, and there's a Shoe Carnival Right Next Door.  I wandered in and saw these:

As I have said before, I'm down ~$60 on my toy budget, so I shouldn't buy them.  But they will be perfect with my dress, especially since I am planning to wear holly in my hair, so I do.  They are on sale for $21.99 + tax, and there's a buy one get one 1/2 off sale going on.  I wander desultorily through the store, but there's nothing else I fancy that isn't more expensive then these shoes, so I decide not to spend extra money that I don't have on stuff that I don't desperately want the way I want these shoes.

I notice that the guy in the checkout line behind me also has only one box.  So I offer to split the difference on my shoes if he'll buy them (thus having them ring up for 50% off).  So I end up paying $18 for them, even though my receipt says $10.99 + tax.  A savings of $5.86 for me, but no returning them.  And everyone in line looks at me like I'm crazy.

I think $5.86 when you don't have any money it is worth acting a bit weird; do you think I am frugal or crazy?


  1. Well, I was going to say your crazy. LOL. But, I think I would of done the same. $5.86 is $5.86 in my wallet or savings account or a payment towards my debt. When your in riches they'll all look up to you. :)

    Nice find. Have fun singing at the luncheon!

  2. You know what? A guy noticed we had a ton of BBB coupons on the other day and asked for one. Saved him 20% and cost him nothing but a quick question. Saving money when it doesn't cost the other person more than a minute of time really doesn't count as crazy in my book!