Monday, November 2, 2009

Sometimes Extra Money is not worth Extra Effort

Today I gave away my old king sized mattress, box spring, and memory foam topper through my local freecycle.  I believe the bed had some resale value - a look over at craigslist shows new, cheap ones for sale for ~ $200, so I figure 5-20% of that.  Mr. Goat thinks that it would have been more.  I just don't see how - I should have taken a picture, but let me just say that the bed was 9 years old and had been slept on every night, not to mention moved five times across three states.  It was emphatically not in like-new condition.

Since I planned to have my mattress delivered Friday, I had arraigned for the person from Freecycle to pick it up that day.  Then the weather precluded having my mattress delivered, and so I postponed her until Monday.  That would have been a lot harder had she been paying money. 

I have a 900 square foot house - there is no way I could have waited until I had my first mattress delivered and the tried to sell the old bed.  Plus, honestly, I have never had any luck selling furniture on craigslist.  Admittedly, I've never tried in this area, but I tried to sell a weight set and a sofa in Dallas, and I ended up having to give them away.  I tried for a couple of weeks and ended up with ridiculously low prices, and no one even came out to look.

So, even though the Scottish part of me would have tried to sell the mattress, the sensible part of me overrode it.  Sometimes the trouble is just not worth the money.  

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