Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too Much Web Surfing

OK, apparently one problem with having a blog is the temptation to link to / follow so many people (with so many links from their blogs) that you spend WAY too much time surfing the internet.  Lately, I've noticed that I have a tendency to go to my blog page, see a ton of updates from the blogs I've linked to, and click on every one of them.  Before I know it, I've spent an hour on the internet, getting nothing done.

So, I've decided to pare down.  I've picked my 10 favorite blogs out of the huge pile of link love that I used to have, and cut the rest.  I settled on 10 as an arbitrary, low number before I started cutting blogs.  I started with 39 links.  The first 10 were easy and the last 5 were super difficult, because I'll miss some of them a lot.

The problem with PF blogging, though, is that there appears to be a finite limit on what you can say about it.  When you have 39 links, and 30 of them are PF blogs, you tend to get the same ideas rehashed slightly, rather than new information.  It's fun reading multiple interpretations, but  I need to stop reading and start doing.

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