Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Thank You Letter!

I received a card and letter yesterday from SGT Jessica Shaffer, who is collecting clothing to give to children in Afghanistan. (I was going to post them, but for some reason blogger refuses to upload my scans.  I'll put them on when/if I can get them to work.  Note 12/9: Never could get them to load, so put them on photobucket)  Apparently what they really need is coats (they have 10 of the 100 they are hoping for), and they are planning to hand them out in the first or second week of December, so they need them sent by the end of November.

I am really conflicted.  My toy budget is in the red by about $60, and next month is Christmas, so it's not like I won't miss it next month if I spend it now.  On the other hand, this is a cause that I would really like to support, and it is now or never.   The options I see are (1) go even more in the red on my toy budget for the month and plan to spend less on Christmas presents, (2) take the money for this project out of my planned tithe next month, on the theory that charitable giving is almost like a tithe, or (3) calling my earlier efforts good and not sending anything more.  What would you do?

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