Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finishing out the 10 day give more 10/10 & 11/10 - a few days later

Unfortunately, I had no trouble giving on Saturday - my cousin's stepfather died and I was asked to sing at his funeral.  Our family traditionally sings as an ensemble at funerals, and we're pretty good (if I do say so myself).  I was still surprised when my aunt, who leads the singing, reported that the funeral director asked for the name of our group and had any cards (for him to refer us for more funeral music).  So I guess I helped provide professional-quality music on Saturday.

I miscounted - Sunday's singing was actually day 11 of the 10 day give.  But it's actually the only one that the give really inspired me to do, so I'm including it.  Had I not had "what can I give?" percolating in the back of my mind, I don't think I would have had the courage to suggest it.

Our rendition of Because He Lives was less than professional, but was much more fun.  It's the first time I've ever practiced an ensemble piece with one person and then performed it with another - I had not realized how challenging it would be.  On top of that, I was singing the alto line, and I usually do the soprano.  I flubbed quite a lot, and I wussed out and sang the last chorus in unison because I lost my note.  But I kept smiling, and no one complained afterward, so I think most people thought that we meant to do that.

In summation, in 10 days of giving I:
(1) gave my disabled relative some aluminum cans to sell 
(2) tithed
(3)sent a care package to a female soldier in Afghanistan
(4) tithed on my earn more earnings
(5) helped my farm donate a bull to the local food bank / soup kitchen 
(6) took recycling to the dump
(7) sent a care package to a male soldier in Iraq
(8) donated a trunk full of clothing to the ARC
(9) shopped at the ARC
(10) sang at a funeral
(11) sang at church

Honestly, none of this stuff was a real stretch.  It's all stuff that I meant to do anyway, but the challenge did sort of give me a kick in the behind to actually get it done.  And it didn't cost me anything extra - my only monetary expenditures were tithing and care packages, which I already did before, and great deals on clothing, which don't really count.   So I feel a bit self-conscious about even having done this challenge, as it didn't turn out to be much of one. 


  1. That's a neat goal to accomplish. And happy to know it wasn't a stretch. Congrats on accomplishing such worthy tasks. :)

    Hmmm... now what could I do???

  2. Tithing is an interesting concept. I'm a devout Catholic and tithing is not emphasized as much as it is in the churches some of my friends go to. Though I certainly believe in giving, I question whether or not we are called to tithe, or if we are called to give what we are called to give.

    In the current economic time, some people would tithe themselves into debt (assuming tithing is generally understood to be 10% off the top).

    Do you think tithing at 10% is a necessity?

  3. I don’t think tithing is a necessity; I think it is a privilege. We are saved by faith alone and no dollar amount could ever buy us the grace that Jesus Christ gives to us from his love. I feel personally called to tithe as an expression of gratitude for that love, but His love is not conditional on any dollar amount or percentage. I am blessed in that I can tithe without stinting my family of any material needs.

    I believe that God wants us to spend every penny in his work; I don’t believe that you have to give every penny to the church for your money to do God’s work. Tithing is one way that God gives me “instant gratification” – I can see my money working for his glory immediately. But tithing is rather like taking holy vows – it can bring you closer to God, but it doesn’t of itself make you any holier than the people who don’t do it.

    And I am not very holy, especially about money. I often covet the use of my tithing money for stuff I don’t need or for the pure love of looking at a big bank balance. I spend my non-tithing money unwisely. Fortunately, God forgives me and gives me the grace to try again every time I fall. I am hoping that it will be like exercising a muscle; if I do it consistently (even if I can’t do it constantly) it will get easier and I’ll be successful more often.