Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Anysoldier - 7/10

I forgot to mention in my last post that the soldier I have been sending stuff to has removed his listing.  So the previous Anysoldier package and this one are sent to a new soldier.  Fortunately, I can always find someone looking for magazines and toilitries.

Carried Over:
(1) Shampoo and Conditioner.  These are the last of my stockpiled ones; next month I'll have to get more.
(2) Toothbrushes. The last ones - but I've already stockpiled a new one for next month.
(3) Cards.

Free (or almost):
(1) Toothpaste.  Got a Rite-Aid rebate check for 100% of the purchase price (only paid sales tax).
(2) M&Ms.  I used my free chocolate coupons at Rite-Aid when they were having a buy one, get one free promotion, so these were also free.
(3) Magazines.  From the same lady at church, this is her collection of automobile racing magazines - she is a huge NASCAR fan.  The GQ magazine was randomly sent to my house, addressed to someone that I know hasn't lived here for 15 years.  I figure it must be some sort of promotional thing, but maybe some metrosexual soldier will like it.
(4) Gold Bond Powder.  Not out of my toy budget, at any rate.  Mr. Goat paid for it out of his toy fund, as it's what he would want most if he were stuck in Iraq.

Not pictured (and pricey):
When I put all of this in the box, there was still a space.  And I hate to send a flat-rate box with a space.  So I thought "I have to run to Wal-Mart anyway, I'll just pick up a little something to put there."  Since I wasn't couponing or anything, I paid full price (tax included in reported price).  The soldiers also got:
(1) 3 pack of Ivory Soap.  It is cheap and it doesn't have anything in it that people are generally allergic to. $1.29.
(2) Suave Sport For Men. $1.06.  It said sport, so I went for it.
(3) 12 pack of Wal-Mart brand disposable razors. $2.70.  This is actually pretty good - I didn't get much cheaper than this with a sale and a coupon on the Daisy razors I sent earlier this week.

With the postage ($9.85), it comes out to $14.90 in spending.   I've done worse:)

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