Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kind of Lame Giving, unexpected benefit of the Earn More Challenge

OK, my giving for today is - driving my recyclables to the dump.  There's no pick-up in my area, so recycling is really only for the committed.  So, I'm giving, in that I am keeping stuff out of my local landfill, and also giving my parish a bit more cash (they sell all the stuff they collect, except for glass).  Yep, it's lame, but I spent all day working on the farm, and didn't have time to find any good money-less giving.

One nice side benefit of the September Earn More Challenge has been that I have learned to use ebay.  A few weeks ago, Slickdeals had a great deal on Crocs  Nanooks - $12 with free shipping.  (As an aside, Slickdeals is a great website, unless you are unable to resist impulse purchases, in which case, never go there).  Anyway, when the shoes finally arrived, I discovered that they were too short and wide to fit me.  I quickly calculated that sending them back would net me about $4 after shipping.  However, the sale was long ended, and people were still buying them on ebay for only a little less than their listed price.  I listed mine there, and they sold within a day - I actually made a few dollars!

Aside from that, I also had an ebay customer from last month pay (I had written her off for challenge purposes) and sold one of the books I listed on half during the September challenge.  I ended up with another $25.89 (after shipping, packing  material, and fees) that I would never have earned if not for the challenge.

Now I am conflicted - should I spend this money on giving?  Or on one of my major wants this month - wool boot socks from Gander Mountain?  What would you do?

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