Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something else I want: Razor Naga; Bought the Bed today

Yep, it's a mouse for people with small fingers that game too much. 

I'm doing a version of the 30 day list with this - I am putting it on my blog, and if I still want it after Christmas, I'll buy it for myself in January.

I'm very proud of myself, I've been saving for Christmas via Smarty Pig since July.  Come December, I'll have $250 for Christmas.  Now all I need is to keep from spending more than that + my toy budget on presents (always difficult for me - there's always one more thing that someone in my family would love).

In other news, I bought a bed today.  As I said earlier, my rehabilitation doctor said that my current 9-year-old Sealy Posturepdeic was not going to cut it.  I decided at the end of the day to go with the Tempur-Pedic Classic.  I did talk my local mattress store into taking the sales tax off and they gave me a free mattress pad (which I was planning to buy anyway.  Not to be gross or anything, butt there's a certain time of the the month that I tend to leak.  And I hate stains on mattresses.  They bother me even with the sheets on).

It felt great to know that I was putting it on the credit card to get cash back rewards, not because I didn't have the money for it.  Sure, it's not extra money that was just lying about - it does set my emergency fund back, and I wouldn't have chosen to buy it now.  But I don't have to go further into debt; this is my first big purchase where that has been the case.

Sorry if my posting is sporadic and disjointed; I am looking forward to not needing these drugs anymore.  I can't believe lortab has a black market value - people are actually willing to pay money to feel like this!


  1. How do you like your new mattress? We just bought one, but I seriously hate it. I think I need to invest more money into a mattress. A really good one. But, I don't seem to have luck with them. They feel good when I try them out, but you lay on them for a week and its not so good anymore.

    So you're on that many meds? Crazy. Hope you get off them soon! And feel better too. :)

    What a funny looking mouse. Have to say i like your 30 day list idea. Pretty smart.

  2. Well, after night 1 on the mattress, I'm not in too much pain this morning. So hopefully it is going to work.

    Mr. Goat took a nap on it yesterday and said he liked it a lot (a surprise, since he usually likes soft beds better). I'll be sure to update after a couple of weeks and let you know if we are having "buyer's remorse" (Although, as with any Tempur-pedic, if we don't like it, we can return it within 90 days for a refund, less a $250 restocking fee. Mr Goat says that for $250 he can make any bed comfortable, so there is no way he is returning it:)

  3. LOL. Last part made me laugh. Well, I do hope the bed works for you two. :)

    Great post on the AnySoilder update - I will be sure to check it out.