Saturday, October 3, 2009

September Anysoldier - 3/10

I know it's already October.  But I didn't ever manage to get this mailed last month (although I bought everything by September 15th) so I am planning to mail two boxes this month. 

Stuff from last month:
Well, all of it, really:) But seriously, Things that carried over are:
(1) shampoo and conditioner
(2) toothbrushes
(3) cards

Stuff that was free or just cost sales tax:
(1) always pads sample pack
(2) M&Ms - I used my other free chocolate coupons from their promotion this summer
(3) CVS chocolate covered fruit and nuts - they sent me a random email coupon for a free snack sized package of CVS nuts.  I figure that nuts with chocolate > chocolate-free nuts - Hope the soldier isn't on a diet!
(4) Toothpaste - Free with Rite-Aid check rewards (paid sales tax).
(5) Magazines - A lady from my church donated these.  They are basically the last three months of People, which she takes as a subscription.  Even though they're outdated, I think they'll still be fun to look at.

Things I bought:
I threw away my receipts, so I'll have to give you approximate numbers (tax included).
(1) Tampons - on sale, paid ~ $4.60 
(2) Razors - on sale, had $2 off coupon - paid ~ $2.50
(3) Ivory - not on sale, ~ $1.70
(4) Maxi Pads - on sale 2/$3 - a bit more than I usually pay, but I usually get pantyliners rather than pads. 

It's a large flat rate box, so the shipping will come out to $11.50.

Total: ~ $21.80. 

And that was my planned giving for today.  I'll keep you posted whether I recognize any opportunities for unplanned giving as the day goes on.

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